Hi! My name is Liandro Roger, I'm from Brazil.
I was born in 1984 and have been drawing ever since I was a kid, always willing to make a career out of it. My professional start came in 2006, when I majored in Advertising and began to work as an art director for ad agencies. By the same time, I also began to freelance as an illustrator and graphic designer.
In 2008, I opened my own studio/school, Oficina de Desenho, where I began to teach private drawing workshops and continued to carry various art and design projects for local clients. A bit later, I started teaching at a design college in my hometown and, in 2013, I was approved to be a full-time professor at the Federal University of Ceara. Since then, I've been teaching drawing and concept design at the undergraduate program on Digital Media.
Besides the university, I'm part of an indie game dev team called Playable Creatures, whose main title is currently under development. I'm also constantly engaged on freelance and personal artwork, mainly as a character designer, illustrator and concept artist.
I love to draw and have a lot of fun coming up with stylized cartoony ideas. As a result of my work, I hope to be able to bring some joy into people's lives.
I also like to sing and hobby with music in my free time. :)
Please feel free to drop me a word on the Contact page, on social networks or via e-mail on the bottom of the site.
Thank you for being here!
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