Hey, I'm Liandro!
As a freelance artist, I have worked with advertising agencies, game developers and educational businesses, including north-american art education company Proko.
I've been involved in the production of original IPs, including newly released indie game "Lionel, the Guardian" (Playable Creatures, 2019) and the webcomic "Atravessando a Rua", which I developed in 2016 as part of a research on digital comics.
I also teach drawing and design at the Federal University of Ceara, in Brazil, and provide online critiques for Proko's art students.
I love cartoon drawing and have been doing it professionally since 2006. I believe humor can make ordinary things much more interesting, so, when I draw, I like to look at the world, think outside the box and find stories that can be visually told in unusual, thoughtful and funny ways.
I also love chocolate, music and my wife. :)