Here is a selective sample of my cartoons, illustrations and sketches. Scroll down and explore the themes at your own risk - something here might make you smile (or, if I'm lucky, laugh loud enough to embarrass you in public).
Children: only those who have them know what it's like. The days are long, the years are short - like our patience. For those who enjoy roller coasters, it's great, because life becomes one. But who can resist the smile of those cute little things?
Kids being kids
Take a break from the monotony of adult life and awaken that wild, happy and clueless creature that you once were.
Animal life
Being an animal must be wild. The hippopotamus spends the day relaxing in the lagoon. The hummingbird just flies and hums around. The cockroach... okay, for that one, it's tough, but at least it would survive a nuclear bomb.
"É uma armadilha!"
"É uma armadilha!"
The art reveals the soul
The sound, the colors, the film, the show
Corny poem, sincere expression
It doesn't matter if you have any sense of fashion
(Anonymous feat. ChatGPT)
What would you take to a desert island? Is there alien life? What comes after death? And if dinosaurs had invented the Internet, would Google's offline icon be a little person? Your imagination is your limit.
People and society
I admire psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists and the like: they study the most difficult phenomenon that human beings have ever tried to understand. Cartoonists, on the other hand, have a much more modest intention: to make fun of that phenomenon. Equally commendable, if you think about it.
Sugar life explained
Sugar life explained
Everything that I thought didn't fit into the other categories goes here!
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