I met the Urban Sketchers
Believe it or not, here in Fortaleza there is a large group of people who periodically get together to draw. No, I'm not talking about...
Portfolio boost
Got distracted by the feed and didn't see the zombie apocalypse coming? Or did you discover that your teddy bear needs therapy? There's this and much more in new cartoons here on the website!
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I was at the Beethoven-Haus
Last February, I was surprised by an e-mail asking to exhibit one of my drawings in a historical museum in Germany. I thought: “Fake, obviously.” But it was real...
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How to generate ideas to draw or paint
My first Proko video is out! A special episode about four AI-free strategies to unlock creative ideation. Watch it right here or on YouTube.
The girl who was made of Music
An illustrated story about how to deal with the differences that make us unique. Written by Amanda Barroso and drawn by me.
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My name is Liandro, I'm a cartoonist and teacher. I create drawings and comics - sometimes, also playing a bit with animation. I teach about art, design and creativity at the Federal University of Ceara and at Proko.
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